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Pasadena Family Law Attorney Fernando Luna

When you have a family law matter on your hands, you understandably want to only work with someone you absolutely know can manage it carefully. If something goes wrong or a critical portion of your case is overlooked, it could make complications that impact you and your entire family for years to come. To gain confidence in your case and the next chapter of your life, you will want to find a Certified Family Law Specialist by the California State Board, like Pasadena Family Law Attorney Fernando Luna of the Law Office of Fernando M. Luna.

In order to gain this prestigious title, an attorney must prepare thoroughly for an intense written examination of his or her skills. Some lawyers will study and practice for years and still not pass the qualifying exams. For Attorney Fernando Luna to be a Certified Family Law Specialist, it means he is able to consistently demonstrate exactly what it means to be an expert in family law.

Some requirements necessary to achieve Board Certification include:

  • Full understanding of all aspects of California family law, including restraining order hearings, child custody laws, taxation issues in divorce, etc.
  • Complete a higher education related to family law, as well as spend approximately 15 hours a year attending continued legal education (CLE) courses about family law.
  • Participate in at least 50 family law cases every five years, or 10 cases a year.

If an applicant passes the difficult Board Specialist Certification examinations, he or she must also supply the California State Board evidence of experience, CLE, and beneficial references and reviews from legal peers, such as other attorneys or judges. All in all, it is a difficult achievement to complete and only a small percentage of all lawyers in California will become a specialist in their fields.

What Board Certification Means for a Client

The technicalities of become a Board Certified Family Law Specialist are certainly impressive. What does it all mean for a prospective client, though?

When you retain California Board Certified Family Law Specialist Attorney Fernando Luna, you can expect:

  • Comprehension: There will be no legalities or complications of your case that can stump Pasadena Family Law Attorney Fernando Luna. As a specialist, he has proven that he has the knowledge and know-how to manage virtually any case. This deep comprehension of even the finest details translates directly as a keen advantage to the validity or strength of your case.
  • Simplicity: Many clients worry that a family law dispute is not worth exploring due to the potential headaches that can come up during any given legal process. Attorney Fernando Luna can use his expertise to simplify all client-facing aspects of your case and handle everything else so you do not need to worry about it.
  • Solutions: Even the most intricate family law cases are a navigable path for California Board Certified Family Law Specialist Fernando Luna. Often times, it can be hard to envision a fair solution to a family law dispute, but with an expert guiding you along, you can be confident that there is a reachable outcome that upholds your best interests and benefits everyone.

In addition to the benefits brought by Attorney Fernando Luna’s Board Certified status, he is reputable throughout Southern California for being genuinely kind and compassionate when working with his clients. As many clients have testified in the past, he listens intently to his clients’ problems to get to know them until they feel like close friends. He also spends time with community engagements and often completes pro bono work to benefit victims of domestic violence.

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