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The Law Office of Fernando M. Luna can help you proceed with a divorce in Pasadena or any nearby area. As a local law firm, we are easily accessible to clients in and around the area. We return all calls within 24 hours, and we always make our clients our number-one priority. To learn more about how we can help with your divorce, fill out an online case evaluation form to contact us.

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California is a “No-Fault” Divorce State

As a “no-fault” divorce state, California law states that neither spouse can allege the wrongdoing of the other spouse as cause for dissolving the marriage. Rather, irreconcilable differences are usually the basis for divorces in California.

In order to proceed with the divorce process, at least one spouse must be a California resident for at least 6 months, or 180 days. Keep in mind that because we are a community property state, all income and property from the marriage will be divided equally.

How We Can Help Ease Your Divorce Process

At the Law Office of Fernando M. Luna, it is our goal to effectively and efficiently help our clients through the divorce process and other family law matters with ease. Client satisfaction is our first priority, and we do everything possible to make sure that the individuals we represent are happy with the services they receive under our counsel.

When you work with our firm, Attorney Luna will personally meet with you to assess your goals during the divorce process. During your first meeting, we will work to align your expectations with the confines of the law. We are not about making empty promises; we’ll always be upfront about your case and the trajectory of your divorce.

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